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How it all started

So planning for two weddings, one in Australia for my family and one in Italy for my husbands family put a serious restriction on my budgets. I had to find ways to cut the cost in any way possible.

While flicking through a wedding magazine to get ideas and inspiration for my special day I fell in love with a full brooch bouquet, I had to have it, even though some may say its gaudy or over the top. I didn't care, it was my day my way.

So off we went to meet the lady and get prices and I was completely blown away with the $800.00 price tag to custom make my bouquet. Plus lets not forget the bridesmaids and buttonholes which took the price closer to $1500.00.

So off I went downhearted knowing I couldn't justify spending that much money, even though the brooch bouquets were absolutely stunning.

I like to imagine myself as a bit creative and decided I could make my own bouquet. And after many YouTube videos, mistakes and attempts, I finally got a bouquet I was proud of.

Hopefully my trials and errors will help brides and anyone planning an event.